Striving for the Elite.

In 2015, Charlotte Carpenter became the first Welsh woman to be appointed as a FIFA referee. 

Charlotte trained at the Aberdare Referees Society and worked at Cardiff City as a sports coach.

Charlie’s plan was to try and get to FIFA’s Elite level.

Following on from basic training and support from Aberdare Referees Society, she said: “I’d most definitely encourage girls to get involved and to help develop the girls’ game. In and about football, aside from actually playing, I think this is the best experience.

“The Aberdare Referees Society has been absolutely fantastic to me – they are the reason I am where I am today. The continuous training and support they give is the best in Wales.”

In succeeding and having now reached FIFA’s Elite level, Charlotte is now able to referee in both the Champions League and the World Cup. 

So, who else (male or female) wants a piece of this action?