Aberdare Referees continue with their ongoing seasons training, so on 29th April 2018 and in anticipation of the end of season cup finals we are being pro-active and undertaking lining training for assistant referees.

As we all know there is a third team on the field of play, consisting of a referee and two assistant referees. To ensure that we all work in harmony as a team, it is essential that our training contains all aspects of refereeing whether being in the middle or on the line.

To ensure that our standards are maintained to a high level, our training officer Steve Hames (a former FIFA Assistant referee) along with Phil Thomas who is also a FIFA Assistant referee are undertaking the training session.

Phil has been a FIFA Assistant referee since 2007 and has enjoyed notable appointments in the UEFA Euro Qualifiers, Champions League, Europa League, as well as FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

Phil Thomas – FIFA Assistant Referee

The role of the assistant referee is now quite specialised and it requires in-depth training and knowledge to be part of the team. Some of the items that will be undertaking during the training session for assistants will contain: –

Flagging techniques and how to signal correctly.

To recognise the different situations inside the penalty area.

Developing running technique and skills with the flag.

To recognise correctly if the attacker is in offside position when the ball is played.

To recognise if there is a foul committed by the defender or attacker, inside or outside the penalty area.

To develop teamwork thus avoiding contradictory signals.

In working as a team, to control the correct procedure at penalty kicks.

Assisting in player management during free kicks in their quarter.

Management of substitutions.

The training will be undertaken not in a classroom scenario but on a pitch creating live action situations to give the correct atmosphere and feel of real time motion.

Once again, Aberdare referees are leading from the front and pushing the boundaries of training and excellence.