Hard work and commitment brings its reward

Hard work and commitment brings its reward

Following on from Aberdare Referees Society Annual General Meeting in early July, Aberdare Referees have presented deserved society members with their just rewards for their hard work and commitment after a long season.

Both Chairman Kris Hames and Secretary Marco Griffiths support Society President Roger Fisher in presenting the Referee of the Year Award for 2017/2018 to Liam Cooper.

Liam has shown great maturity for a young, up and coming referee in his decision making, controlling of games, authority over players and team management and most importantly, doing what matters off the field of play in getting his administration right (and in on time). He has been involved in a number of cup finals at the end of the season as the reward for his endeavours.

For Luke Mansell, comes a double award.

Luke is popularly crowned both Assistant Referee of the Year and also has received the Presidents Award for season 2017/2018.

Luke, like Liam has shown tremendous commitment to a wide variety of leagues throughout South Wales and following on from his hard work he has successfully been promoted into the Welsh Football League as both Referee and Assistant Referee for season 2018/2019.

We are EVERYWHERE……New season……New challenges……Bring it on.

The new 2018/2019 is about to start and following on from the Russia World Cup tournament we are all now eagerly awaiting to hear the first whistle of the South Wales Football Association season.

The new season brings new clubs, new personnel, new kits and new boots!

Along with all this newness we need new officials to ensure all games are covered with a fully qualified referee. So, for those who want to be part of a different team, be trained (and have ongoing training) by former top officials, make your own decisions (No VAR at our level), keep active, want to give something back, then this is where you start your new adventure.

If you want a good excuse not to go shopping on a Saturday or Sunday, then this is where you want to be.

Come join a band of merry men and women who enjoy being part of a different team.

Referees 2018-2019

FIFA officials provide Assistant Referees lining training to keep Aberdare referees on their toes

FIFA officials provide Assistant Referees lining training to keep Aberdare referees on their toes

Aberdare Referees continue with their ongoing seasons training, so on 29th April 2018 and in anticipation of the end of season cup finals we are being pro-active and undertaking lining training for assistant referees.

As we all know there is a third team on the field of play, consisting of a referee and two assistant referees. To ensure that we all work in harmony as a team, it is essential that our training contains all aspects of refereeing whether being in the middle or on the line.

To ensure that our standards are maintained to a high level, our training officer Steve Hames (a former FIFA Assistant referee) along with Phil Thomas who is also a FIFA Assistant referee are undertaking the training session.

Phil has been a FIFA Assistant referee since 2007 and has enjoyed notable appointments in the UEFA Euro Qualifiers, Champions League, Europa League, as well as FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

Phil Thomas – FIFA Assistant Referee

The role of the assistant referee is now quite specialised and it requires in-depth training and knowledge to be part of the team. Some of the items that will be undertaking during the training session for assistants will contain: –

Flagging techniques and how to signal correctly.

To recognise the different situations inside the penalty area.

Developing running technique and skills with the flag.

To recognise correctly if the attacker is in offside position when the ball is played.

To recognise if there is a foul committed by the defender or attacker, inside or outside the penalty area.

To develop teamwork thus avoiding contradictory signals.

In working as a team, to control the correct procedure at penalty kicks.

Assisting in player management during free kicks in their quarter.

Management of substitutions.

The training will be undertaken not in a classroom scenario but on a pitch creating live action situations to give the correct atmosphere and feel of real time motion.

Once again, Aberdare referees are leading from the front and pushing the boundaries of training and excellence.

Aberdare reciprocating support to Premiership referees going to Russia

Aberdare reciprocating support to Premiership referees going to Russia

Following on from recent visits to Aberdare by Martin Atkinson and Jon Moss, Aberdare Referees Society are fully supporting Barclays Premiership referees Martin Atkinson and Jon Moss on a charity bike ride to Russia.

Premier League referee Martin Atkinson is swapping his whistle for wheels this summer as he embarks on an epic 1700 mile cycle from England to Russia for the World Cup.

Martin will be flanked by fellow riders Mike Tomlinson and Darren Clark, representing the Jane Tomlinson Appeal for the duration of the ride, and as in 2016, the riders will again be supported by Chris Sanders from 1st Class Events and Barry Phillipson from Smart Therapy Studios, the trio will be joined by other riders throughout their journey, including Atkinson’s fellow professional referee Jon Moss, Jim Butters, who led the 2016 challenge and Mick McGuire from James Grant Sports.

The #WhistleStopTour2018 starts at St. George’s Park on Monday, June 11, and the team will travel through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Poland before reaching their destination in Kaliningrad 18 days later to watch England face Belgium in their World Cup clash on Thursday, June 28.

The ride is all in the name of charity, with the money raised being split between the St David’s Hospice Care Newport, University Hospitals – Coventry & Warwickshire Charity, Yorkshire Young Achievers Foundation and The Jane Tomlinson Appeal

Atkinson said: “It’s going to be a huge challenge, but it’s one I think we’re all relishing. In 2016 we cycled to all 20 Premier League grounds, which totaled around 1000 miles, so we’re really upping the ante for this one. We’ve been saying it’ll be 18 days of hurt, but it’s all for some brilliant charities, so we’re ready to go through that pain barrier! We want to raise as much money as we possibly can, so any donation, large or small would be gratefully received.”

Aberdare Referees Society are one of the major contributors to the ever growing fund having given £500.00 to the cause along with the Professional Footballers Association (PFA), The League Managers Association and Team Sweden in supporting their efforts to complete this momentous ride of a lifetime.

For those of you who wish to contribute to their efforts, please follow the link and help where you can.


Charlie’s in at number 61.  Aberdare referee in the top 100 influential women in Wales

Charlie’s in at number 61. Aberdare referee in the top 100 influential women in Wales

Striving for the Elite.

In 2015, Charlotte Carpenter became the first Welsh woman to be appointed as a FIFA referee. 

Charlotte trained at the Aberdare Referees Society and worked at Cardiff City as a sports coach.

Charlie’s plan was to try and get to FIFA’s Elite level.

Following on from basic training and support from Aberdare Referees Society, she said: “I’d most definitely encourage girls to get involved and to help develop the girls’ game. In and about football, aside from actually playing, I think this is the best experience.

“The Aberdare Referees Society has been absolutely fantastic to me – they are the reason I am where I am today. The continuous training and support they give is the best in Wales.”

In succeeding and having now reached FIFA’s Elite level, Charlotte is now able to referee in both the Champions League and the World Cup. 

So, who else (male or female) wants a piece of this action?

Former FIFA Assistant Referee Steve Hames appointed as Referees Development Officer to Gwent

Former FIFA Assistant Referee Steve Hames appointed as Referees Development Officer to Gwent

Aberdare Referees Society is proud to announce that society training officer Steve Hames has been appointed as the new Football Association of Wales (FAW) Referees Development Officer (RDO) for Gwent following his successful interview recently at the FAW headquarters in Cardiff.

Steve bring’s a wealth of experience to the position having been a FIFA Assistant from 1998 – 2002.
A former Welsh Premier League Referee from 2002 – 2008, a FAW Referees Observer from 2008 to present and also a Referees instructor, operating throughout Wales.
In 2009 Steve became one of the six inaugural Referees Development Officers within Wales, a position he held until 2012.
From 2012 – 2015 Steve became the first ever National Assistant Referees Coach. 
We wish Steve well within his role at the FAW. 
What a night! – Jon Moss – A superb speaker

What a night! – Jon Moss – A superb speaker

What a night was had in Aberdare on 25th January 2018.

Jon Moss (Mossy to his friends) accompanied by Martin Atkinson (Atko also to his friends) was a superb speaker. Atko never spoke as he couldn’t get a word in!!

Jon capitvated the audience for 90 minutes in front of over 60 people with his experiences of the Barclays Premier League.

Jon spoke about the fitness levels required at Premier levels, the physcology of man-management, the must for completing administration, team tactics of each club that he officiates, the use of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in todays modern game, professionalism in appearance, having a sense of calmness and most importantly on how he takes his dog Rufus for a walk which was a great analogy for refereeing a game of football whatever the level.

A question and answer session took place as well as some fun and games with the audience including monies being donated to Mossy’s charity, for and on behalf of Jane Tomlison.

Both Jon and Martin gave their time to have personal one to one photos and signing autographs with guests young and old as well as a few presentations from other societies.

The night was concluded with a rapturous round of applause and a grateful thanks of all who attended.

Jon Moss the introduction

Team Aberdare

Mossy and Atko being presented with ties from Radnorshire society

Jon explaining the physcology of refereeing

Jon Moss, telling a story

Jon captivating the audience

Fun and games with Jon Moss