The Dummy Club

Aberdare Referee’s Society Dummy Club

As a society we pride ourselves in our professional and immaculate appearance.

However from time to time some society members may forget to do simple things like clean their boots, pack both socks or turn up to meetings on time.

With society funds very low it was decided in 2010 that we would start a dummy club and issue fines to members for failing to do certain things, or for doing other things. The fine was agreed by all members to be £1, and somewhere down the line I think it’s fair to say that all society members have had to dip into their pockets now and again!!!

Dummy Club Fines

  • Not wearing society polo shirt to monthly meetings
  • Arriving at a meeting late
  • Spilling a drink at a meeting
  • Using the phone and allowing the phone to ring during a meeting
  • Dirty boots before a game
  • Forgetting items of kit such as watches, whistles, flags etc
  • Being hit with a ball during a game. 1 hit £1, 2 hits £2 and so on.
  • Using certain words within the official referees WhatsApp group page
  • Other random penalties occur throughout the season for which members are again fined.

The funds raised from the dummy club are put to good use and are used for social events for all society members thus creating greater team bonding and a tighter knit society.